Литература по нефтяной
и газовой промышленности

Adam T Bourgoyne Jr: Applied drilling engineering

Авторы: Adam T. Bourgoyne Jr., Keith K. Millheim

Название: Applied drilling engineering

Формат: PDF

Размер: 58 Mb

Год издания: 1986


This book is dedicated to the many students who were forced to study from trial drafts of this work.


1. Rotary Drilling
1.1 Drilling Team
1.2 Drilling Rigs
1.3 Rig Power System
1.4 Hoisting System
1.5 Circulating System
1.6 The Rotary System
1.7 The Well Control System
1.8 Well-Monitoring System
1.9 Special Marine Equipment
1.10 Drilling Cost Analysis Exercises
2. Drilling Fluids
2.1 Diagnostic Tests
2.2 Pilot Tests
2.3 Water-Base Muds
2.4 Inhibitive Water-Base Muds
2.5 Oil Muds Exercises
3. Cements
3.1 Composition of Portland Cement
3.2 Cement Testing
3.3 Standardization of Drilling Cements
3.4 Cement Additives
3.5 Cement Placement Techniques Exercises
4. Drilling Hydraulics
4.1 Hydrostatic Pressure in Liquid Columns
4.2 Hydrostatic Pressure in Gas Columns
4.3 Hydrostatic Pressure in Complex Fluid Columns
4.4 Annular Pressures During Well Control Operations
4.5 Buoyancy
4.6 Nonstatic Well Conditions
4.7 Flow Through Jet Bits
4.8 Rheological Models
4.9 Rotational Viscometer
4.10 Laminar Flow in Pipes and Annuli
4.11 Turbulent Flow in Pipes and Annuli
4.12 Initiating Circulation of the Well
4.13 Jet Bit Nozzle Size Selection
4.14 Pump Pressure Schedules for Well Control Operations
4.15 Surge Pressures Due to Vertical Pipe Movement
4.16 Particle Slip Velocity Exercises
5. Rotary Drilling Bit
5.1 Bit Types Available5.2 Rock Failure Mechanisms

5.3 Bit Selection and Evaluation
5.4 Factors Affecting Tooth Wear
5.5 Factors Affecting Bearing Wear
5.6 Terminating a Bit Run
5.7 Factors Affecting Penetration Rate
5.8 Bit Operation Exercises
6. Formation Pore Pressure and Fracture Resistance
6.1 Formation Pore Pressure
6.2 Methods for Estimating Pore Pressure
6.3 Formation Fracture Resistance
6.4 Methods for Estimating Fracture Pressure
7. Casing Design
7.1 Manufacture of Casing
7.2 Standardization of Casing
7.3 API Casing Performance Properties
7.4 Casing Design Criteria
7.5 Special Design Considerations

8. Directional Drilling and Deviation Control
8.1 Definitions and Reasons for
Directional Drilling
8.2 Planning the Directional
Well Trajectory
8.3 Calculating the Trajectory of a Well 362
8.4 Planning the Kickoff and
Trajectory Change
8.5 Directional Drilling Measurements
8.6 Deflection Tools
8.7 Principles of the BHA
8.8 Deviation Control
Appendix A: Development of Equations for Non-Newtonian Liquids in a Rotational Viscometer
Bingham Plastic Model
Power-Law Model
Appendix B: Development of Slot Flow
Approximations for Annular Flow for Non-Newtonian Fluids
Bingham Plastic Model
Power-Law Model
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