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Halliburton: Perforating Solutions

Авторы: Halliburton

Название: Perforating Solutions

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Perforating Solutions
Perforating Solutions History
Sharing Knowledge to Exceed Customer Expectations
Doing the Right Thing
PerfPro® Process
The Perforation Process
Damaged Zones
Completion Types
Underbalanced Perforating
Extreme Overbalanced Perforating
ShockProSM Shockload Evaluation Service
SurgeProSM Service
Modeling and Evaluation
Post-Job Evaluation
Installation Examples
Single-Zone Completions
Horizontal Completions
Automatic-Release Gun Hangers
Single-Trip Perforating and Testing
Multizone Perforating and Testing
Annulus-Fired Systems
Modular Gun System
Enhanced Overbalanced Perforating Solutions
Sand Control Solutions
Perforate and Squeeze
Select Fire™ Systems
Live Well Perforating
Downhole Pump Completions
Coiled Tubing Perforating
VannGun® Assemblies
History of Perforation Techniques
VannGun® Assemblies 1 9/16 in. to 7 in. and 4 SPF to 21 SPF
VannGun Phasing and Shot Patterns*
VannGun Tables
Scalloped Gun Charge Performance Data
Gun Washover/Fishing Specifications
Gun Swell Information
VannGun Pressure Ratings
Thermal Decomposition of Explosives
Time Vs. Temperature Chart
Firing Heads
Detonation Interruption Device
Mechanical Firing Head
Model II-D Mechanical Firing Head
Model III-D Mechanical Firing Head
Pressure-Actuated Firing Head
Model K Firing Head
Model KV-II Firing Head
Time-Delay Firer
Multiaction-Delay Firing Head
Annulus Pressure Firer-Control Line
Annulus Pressure Transfer Reservoir
Slimhole Annulus Pressure Firer—Internal Control
5-in. Annulus Pressure Transfer Reservoir
3 1/8-in. Internal Control
3 1/8-in. Annulus Pressure Transfer Reservoir—Internal Control
Differential Firing Head
Hydraulic Actuator Firing Head and Swivel-Type Hydraulic Actuator Firing Head
Mechanical Metering Hydraulic-Delay Firing Head
Slickline-Retrievable Mechanical Firing Head
Slickline-Retrievable Time-Delay Firer Firing Head
Extended Delay Fuses
Modular Mechanical Firing Head
HalSonics® Firing Head
Side-Pocket Mandrel Firing Head
Annulus Pressure Crossover Assembly
EZ Cycle™ Multi-Pressure Cycle Firing Head
Operating the EZ Cycle Firing Head
Special Applications
DrillGun™ Perforating Systems
Select Fire™ Systems
Isolation Sub-Assembly
AutoLatch™ Release Gun Connector
Ratchet Gun Connector
Shearable Safety Sub
Modular Gun System
Setting Tools for the Auto-Release Gun Hanger
Detach™ Separating Gun Connector
G-Force® Precision Oriented Perforating System
Explosive Transfer Swivel Sub
Eccentric Orienting Tandem
Roller Tandem Assembly
Centralizer Tandem
StimGun™ Assembly
StimTube™ Assembly
PerfStim™ Process
POWR*PERFSM Perforation/Stimulation Process
Quick Torque™ Connector
Pump-Through Firing Head
Ancillary Equipment
Automatic-Release Gun Hanger—Rotational Set
Automatic-Release Gun Hanger—Automatic-J Mandrel
Emergency Release Assembly
Y-Block Assembly
Fast Gauge Recorder
Balanced Isolation Tool
Annular Pressure-Control Line Vent
Annular Pressure-Control Line Swivel Sub
Annular Pressure-Control Line Tubing Release
Bar Pressure Vent
Below-Packer Vent Device
Maximum Differential Bar Vent
Pressure-Operated Vent
Vann™ Circulating Valve
Automatic Release
Mechanical Tubing Release
Pressure-Actuated Tubing Release
DPU® Downhole Power Unit
SmartETD® Advanced Electronic Triggering Device
Coiled Tubing Conveyed Perforating
Fill Disk Assembly
Gun Guides
EZ Pass™ Gun Hanger
Hydraulic Metering Release Tool for the Single Trip System (STPP™-GH)
United States Patents

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