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Ian Badger: English for work business presentations

Авторы: Ian Badger

Название: English for work: business presentations

Aормат: PDF

Размер: 1,3 Mb

Год издания: 2003


Серия книг Английский для работы: бизнес-презентации поможет преподнести информацию в деловой обстановке, на английском языке. Также, книга будет полезна школьникам старших классов и студентам.


1 Getting Started

Dialogues 1
Welcoming a speaker
Welcoming visitors and introducing the speaker
Saying who you are
Explaining the reasons for listening
Starting with a personal story
Starting with an Interesting fact

Dialogues 2
Giving background
Explaining the plan for the session
Outlining a presentation
Questions while you talk
Questions at the end
Handouts at the end
Handouts now

2 Moving on

Dialogues 1
Using questions to organise
Organising points
The general to the specific
Presenting options
Giving your opinion
Referring back
Changing topic

Dialogues 2
Reporting bad news
Reporting positive information
Explaining the meaning of abbreviations
Explaining the meaning of specific words/terms
Giving examples
Repeating your point using different words
Expressing possible/likely outcomes
Concluding and moving on

3 Numbers

Dialogues 1
Large and small numbers
Decimal points
Positive and negative numbers
Approximate numbers

Dialogues 2
An increase
A decrease
Staying the same
High and low points
Describing changes

4 Visual Aids

Dialogues 1
Using slides
Changing slides
Looking at detail
Commenting on the content of a visual
Moving between different visual aids

Dialogues 2
Explaining a graph
Using a pie chart
Explaining a diagram
Describing a flow chart
Describing a table

5 Problems and questions

Dialogues 1
Losing your place in your notes
You don't know the English word
A deleted or wrong slide
Time has run out
You have forgotten to say something
Making a mistake
You are unable to do something you had planned to do

Dialogues 2
Interruptions to your talk
You don't understand a question
A question that is not on the topic
You don't know the answer to a question
An aggressive or difficult question
No questions

6 Concluding

Dialogues 1
Making a final point
Giving your professional opinion
Summarising main points
Summarising advantages and disadvantages
Making a recommendation
Stating sources and further reading

Dialogues 2
Telling people howto contact you
A final summary
Thanking people for listening
An informal ending
Ending on a positive note
Ending with a final thought

Ending with a quote

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