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Steve Devereux: Drilling engineering for non Drilling Engineers

Авторы: Steve Devereux

Название: Drilling engineering for non Drilling Engineers

Формат: PDF

Размер:9 Mb

Год издания: 2006


Chapter 1. Overview of the Well Construction Process.
Chapter 2. Drilling Fundamentals.
Chapter 3. Designing the well.
Chapter 4. Programming and Drilling the well.
Chapter 5. Evaluating and Completing the well.

At reading this book, YOU should be able to:
1. Name or describe the five requirements for the accumulation of hydrocarbons
2. Draw a high-level process map of the E&P process from Exploration to Abandonment.
3. State the outcome or end result and the main stakeholders of each phase of the process
4. Identify where drilling fits in the E&P process
5. Define the types of information gathered during the drilling of a well
6. Differentiate between exploration, appraisal and development drilling
7. Differentiate between land and offshore drilling rigs and operations.
8. List and explain the functions of the major components of a rig
9. Draw a typical drilling organizational chart and explain the functions of the rig crew
10.Describe the steps involved in drilling and completing a well, highlighting the reasons behind each step.
11. Identify the major time-consuming operations and cost elements when drilling a well

12. Explain the main HSE hazards and loss prevention measures taken in drilling operations.

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